We Make Things : Design - Prototyping - Fabrication - CNC Milling - Charlottesville Virginia

Hey, We Make Stuff!. PEV Labs is provides many types servicing that involve the design and the making of something tangible. We are also a one person show with a casual process. Please don't be intimated by some of the more technical skills provided. Our view is all work is honorable and no project to small.

We can perform services for you, or engage in co-fabrication where we make things with you. Born from the collaborative environment of Tinkersmiths Makerspace we have a vast interest in clean and dirty tech services. Besides Personal Electric Vehicle Production, here is a partial list of stuff we like to spend our time doing. Please reach out if you have a need not listed.

We Love to Try New Things

Here is a few videos of fabrication and machinery in action.

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