First and most importantly we sincerely hope the coronavirus outbreak ends quickly with a minimal amount of harm to humankind. Please be responsible, thoughtful and safe. Do your part personally and professionally to minimize impact. Be well, behave. We offer curbside and contactless pickup as we have our own loading dock.

Consider engaging a micro-factory like ours to tap into additional bandwidth for making parts or components within the United States then please reach out. Our business could help yours stay afloat.

Beyond personal safety and well being we also appreciate there will be many business difficulties with labor and supply shortages from the virus. PEV Labs is a small enterprise with a verity of digital manufacturing equipment types. A very small labor force supported with CNC / Robotic based equipment. The operation of these machines are in a secure manufacturing facility completely secluded from other human beings. In short we present no more risk in continuation of work than we would to stay home.

Many product development companies have experienced supply chain disruptions because of the COVID 19 outbreak. Factory shutdowns have deep repercussions echoing though supply chains. Implications of delays from factories outside the US ports can make it difficult to distribute goods. Demand impact is now become demand shock. Keeping in capacity in pace with demand a struggle. Consider some process redesign for secondary sources of machining, parts or supplies at the local level.

PEV Labs would like to demonstrate purpose during these difficult times. Out low overhead can lower transportation costs and help companies facing liquidity issues. We are open to short term burst contracts where you won’t meet contractual obligations on time without quick support to longer term alternative sourcing strategies. Inventory recovery where supply chain stakeholders have disappeared is reason enough to switch from global manufacturers to local manufacturers. Additionally this will keep more Americans employed.