Our Projects span across commercial, educational to personal and DIY hobbyist creations. We make things for large companies, small businesses, residences, rock stars, DIY'ers and even projects for pets. We make products, parts, stuff and whatnots. PEV Labs solves problems, designs and fabricates in a verity of mixed mediums. As a multi-competency fabricator we often make some wild creations but gladly engage with the ideas that are grounded in simplicity. Here are a few things we have designed, made, created or produced as of late at PEV Labs. Some of these are client based projects, while others are internal. Skills range from industrial design, prototyping, digital fabrication, traditional fabrication, craftsman trades, electronics, branded displays, flat-pack furniture to varying finishes. We work with wood, non-ferrous metal and plastics. We make, mill, form, bend, shape, digitally or manually fabricated idea you may have into a reality. Please let us know if you have something in mind to be designed and or built. You can view more of our projects here. You can custom order many of our projects and products here.

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