Industrial Design Services, Product Design, Mechatronic Design, and CAD-CAM by PEV Labs in Virginia Product development from an experienced designer and multi-competency fabrication engineer. From initial concepts, iterative prototypes to manufacturing ready product designs, we are here to help you through the processes of idea production. Small businesses and individuals often have difficulty in finding an affordable vendor for early stage concepts. Custom Designs for event productions, trade shows, musical concerts, restaurants are great ways to increase audience engagement.

We create Custom designs in AutoDesk Fusion 360 which is a digital solid modeling program. Like Solid Works, Fusion360 is a parametric modeling program but with advantages of having the CAM module built right and is cloud based for sharing product development with the client in real time. We start by creating 3D models to scale to offer visual representation of an original idea. Then we render still and animations, complete with motion linkage to help test the feasibility of the product concept. After several iterations we end up with a project CAD file ready for digital manufacturing. This is where the built in CAM saves time. We often have to CNC mill, 3D print and fabricated several physical iterations to get closer to the target. Adjusting the CAD (3D Model) will automatically adjust the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) without all the export, import, retooling needed to keep the tool paths updated. When have a satisfactory prototype we can then focus on manufacturing readiness.