We make things for people, business, education, DIY and hospitality.

PEV Labs offers Artistic creativity, traditional tactile skills along with more modern digital fabrication techniques. We take a casual approach working though your project needs. Be it CNC milling needs or on demand manufacturing. Most common requests range from simple CNC milling of project parts, woodworking support to branded product development and product prototyping. Dedicated too designing and fabricating almost anything for or with clients. We love to create with a calm and thoughtful process while being an integral part of our local supply chain process.

Extended services range from general fabrication, product design, parts creation, to small run manufacturing services. Our goal is to help bring your project too fruition. From small single part personal projects to larger scale business and enterprise productions. Located in Central Virginia but we serve individuals or businesses most anywhere who are in need of having something tangible made. From concept representation with computer aided design, 3D modeling, to production with computer added manufacturing. We help those with ideas to obtain a working prototype or physical product. Or simply make things for the purity of personal enjoyment, idea alpha testing, patent applications, investor presentations, or just because you want it. As a small custom shop we can be agile and open minded about unusual or difficult projects regardless of size, scope and complexity. Our shop is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville Virginia which provides a focused based work environment free of distractions.

Products and Services To Help With COVID-19

PEV Labs offers supply chain assistance for any enterprise that requires digital fabrication or manufacturing bandwith. If hospital or business requires hard to get products or parts as a result of COVID-19 please reach out to see if there is anything we can produce for you.

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We design and make custom furniture. Based on flat-pack design methodologies as we are a believer in easy transportation and storage. More folks are having to work from home because of needed social distancing in fighting the Coronavirus. Please reach out of you need a custom size or shape Standing Desk as we would love to help.

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Work At Home Furniture - Standing Desk