PEV Labs engages in a verity of commercial, residential, educational and personal fabrication services. For business or please we make things. We design and fabricate new ideas or existing concepts that work well with traditional fabrication and modern digital fabrication techniques. We enjoy producing a diversified project base requiring varying competencies and materials. Skills range from industrial design, CAD/CAM, 3D modeling, a variety of CNC milling services, woodworking, cabinetry, silicon mold making, resin casting, 3D printing, topped off with finishing in different mediums. Wood, Plastic, Metal, Resin are materials we work with in our everyday build processes. Complete products to parts for your DIY projects. We are well versed at traditional craftsmanship techniques such as joinery, mortice and tenon to modern digital fabrication techniques for 3D printing or various of G-Code driven milling machines. Let us help in transforming your idea into a tangible product by contacting us here.

Here are a few videos of fabrication and machinery in action.