A Maker is someone who produces something. Often using tactile hands on skills such as fabrication, crafts or even mixed media art. With the affordability of digital manufacturing along with CNC milling machines, additive manufacturing machines the art of making is no longer bound the shop environment. Digital Fabrication devices like laser engravers, CNC machines and 3D Printers brings on a new wave of desktop manufactures. With 3D modeling and little coding someone expressing though the computer can become legitimate Maker or Digital Fabricator. A Maker is not necessarily someone with formal training or a degree. We consider "a Maker" one who creates something tangible regardless of any established rules. Making with found objects, art supplies, up-cycled existing parts, traditional crafts, craftsperson trade skills to fabrication with industrial materials are all ways to leave behind bodies of work by the creative mind. Much of what we do at PEV Labs is not only making things for others but assisting those making on their own. We may manufacture parts, or part of a project for another craftsperson or tradesperson.

Here are are some neat things Brian Williford has made as a Digital Fabricator.